‘Why does it always rain on me?’

An augmented reality filter that fans can use to share their Travis moment. As the filter loads, the sky around the users head darkens and we see raindrops appear in 3D. These would be tracked to the users head, so the rain follows them around wherever they go.

  • A simple gesture like a frown or smile can make thunder clap and heavy rain appear.

  • We can use the track as a backing track for users who have their sound on.

Outdoor elements

  • Outdoor advertising in key locations around the UK.  Fans can use the same Facebook filter to unlock content directly from the billboard, making it rain where they are.   We're also thinking of fun ways in which fans can stand in front of the billboard and only see rain where they are.

  • As a non-digital idea we’d love to find a way to make this into a really organic reveal:  A billboard painted using water soluble paint over